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nment spending for three years," said Obama in his first State of the Union address. Full story Obama reiterates his commitment to healthcare reform WASHINGTON, Jan. 27 (Xinhua) --

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ordered 350 billion dollars of baseline defense cuts in 10 years, which the Pentagon said it is prepared to implement. But the deal also included a sequestration mechanism which

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nday. Low temperatures, along with the Cold Front 22, will mainly affect the states in the north, center and east, bringing rain and snow at the mountain areas, specially in Pico

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ing modifying its Labor Law to extend protections to the island nation's growing private-sector workforce, a jurist from the Supreme People's Court (TSP) said Monday. Any changes

10 Health Benefits: What Secrets Do Watermelons Keep?

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l commitment from both our Israeli and the Palestinian partners to this effort," she added. Clinton also rejected the comment that the U.S.-Israeli relationship has hit a 35-year l

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heads to roll, but she's the one who has basically been shepherding in this law since the beginning. She's got some knowledge and insight that other people don't know about." Meanw

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often in the midwestern region (81.75 percent of interviewees). The southern region had the lower share of families with budget improvements (67.39 percent)," said Ipea's Preside

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lting with the governments of Latin America and the Caribbean, the decision was taken to delay the third summit." In name of the Venezuelan government, the ministry thanked "our b

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to show support for the country's first female head of state. Fernandez is one of Latin American leaders suffering cancer. Cancer was also found on Venezuelan President Hugo Chave

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in and around the Over-the-Rhine neighborhood of downtown Cincinnati, Ohio, on April 9-13, 2001. The riots were the largest urban disturbance in the United States since the 1992 Lo

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6 After-School Snacks the Kid Will Love

ree of the four warships will participate in San Francisco Fleet Week -- a tradition in which active navy ships dock in a major city for several days for military demonstrations,

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