under pressure from Washington, the Jamaican government led by Prime Minister Bruce Golding signed an order to extradite Coke to the United States. A state of emergency was decla.

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Medical Center Trauma Director Dr. Peter Rhee said, "We're at the very edge of the woods." Rhee said that Giffords' recovery can proceed very slowly or could "spiral downward." "No.

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ding will likely be more widespread. As the spring thaw melts the snowpack, saturated and frozen ground in the Midwest will exacerbate the flooding of the flat terrain and feed r.

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adding the trend pointed to a runoff in December. The result was given after 78.38 percent of the voting stations were counted, said Servel, but the second-round of the voting wou.

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ity for the UN investigative team. WASHINGTON, Dec. 5 (Xinhua) -- The White House Thursday urged lawmakers to extend unemployment benefits for millions of unemployed Americans bef.

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inhua) -- Russia said Saturday it was willing to continue dialogue with the current Ukrainian authorities, while western countries were abuzz over forming alliance against Russia .

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rning, also caused damage to nearby houses and shops and forced the refinery to shut down operation. "There is significant damage to the infrastructure and houses that stood in fr.

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barrels a day. Proegler also admitted the tube was not siphoning all the oil leak. "We're not claiming that we stopped it -- although that is our final objective. We're saying that.

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punishment and "reflects the criminal history of other companies within the BP group of companies," U.S. media reported Wednesday. A joint memo filed in federal court on Wednesday.

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